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PRODUCT NAME : Aramid fiber packing impregnated with PTFE

Aramid fiber packing impregnated with PTFE

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Aramid Fiber Packing Braided from high quality aramid fibers with PTFE-lmpregnation and lunricant additive.Extremely hard wearing.It shows good chemical resistance,high elasticity and very low cold flow.Compare with otherkinds of packing,it can resist more severe media and higher perssure. Recommendation:A minimum shaft hardness of 60HRC.


A universal packing,can be used for pumps in all types of industry suchas chemical,petrochemical,pharmaceutical,food and sugar industries,pulp and paper mills,power ststions etc.Tt is also a durable packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applocatons,it is recommended for serve on superheated steam.solvents,liquefied gases,sugar syrups and other abrasive fluids.For hot water applications it can be used uncooled up to 160¡æ.

Service Limits

T 280¡æ
PH 2-12
V 25m/s
Rotating 25bar
Reciprocating 100bar
Valve 200bar


Forms of supply£º
Packing Ring£ºR2200

Aramid Fiber Packing
Graphited PTFE packing with Aramid Corners
Graphited PTFE packing & Aramid in Zebra Braided Packing
White PTFE Packing with Aramid Corners
PTFE & Aramid in Zebra Braided Packing
Aramid Fiber Packing(Spun Kevlar Packing)
Aramid Fiber Packing
Aramid Fiber Packing(Spun Kevlar Packing)
Nomex Fiber Packing with rubber core

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