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Item: UG-110 EPDM

Uninovo Seal Co., Ltd. offer all types of EPDM rubber molded products and EPDM rubber extruded gaskets. We have more than decade working experience in handling projects for all applications in automotive, architectural aluminium, industrial, railway, bus body fabricator etc. We have engineering capabilities to offer solution which will fit your requirements exactly.

1.It has excellent resistance to compressive stress relaxation at temperature 120 degree celsius and splitting or bursting under combined conditions of compressive strains upto 60% temperature -135 degree celsius.
2.It also has good resistance to ethylene glycol based engine coolants-1000 hrs at 120 degree celsius.
3.The material can successfully meet with heat aging requirement of 120 degrees for 1000 hours.
4.Gasket in EPDM rubber are widely used in a radiator
5.This material revealed no dimensional variation or deformation in a test which involved 30 mts in boiling water.
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